Channel 31’s favourite LIVE comedy variety show is back for a fifth season!

Hosted by Simon Taylor, along with Rob Caruana, Lauren Bok and Michael Connell, 'Live On Bowen' features comedy segments, celebrity guest interviews, stand up comedy and live music performances.

The show is taped before a live studio audience at RMIT University and is produced with the assistance of RMITV / Student Community Television.

The first of nine brand new episodes will begin filming on the 5th of September, 2014 and will premiere on C31 Melbourne & Geelong a week later on the 12th of Septemer, 2014.

'Live On Bowen'

Fridays, 8.30pm, Channel 31.

Join our Audience

"Live in Bowen" will be shooting Fridays nights during the months of September & October.

Our next recording will be Episode 8, Season 5 which will be on the October  24th.

Be there on the night