Tom Hafey

Tom Hafey is a football legend.

4-time premiership coach in the then-VFL, Hafey emboides everything that a leader should be. Within his tenure at Richmond, Collingwood, Geelong and Sydney he achieved what would be unthinkable:

• Breaking a 20-year finals drought by bringing four premierships in 12 short years
• Leading the Magpies to 5 Grand finals in 6 years
• Signing other clubs rejects - turning one into Gary Ablett - in his 3 years at Geelong
• During his swansong at Sydney where he took a translplant team from 2nd worst to 2nd best and tripling attendance.

Into his eighties now, Tom is still as active as ever.

An evangelist for fitness, Hafey is proving every single day that age is but a number as he undergoes training  every day like an athlete, travelling the country to perform motivationall speaking, running football clinics and inspiring Australians everywhere. 

Tom Hafey's fitness routine may even put our own health junkie host to shame with a daily routine including:

  • Waking up a 5:20am
  • 8km run
  • 250 push-ups
  • Swimming in Port Phillip Bay
  • 700 crunches and sit-ups

A champion in the VFL/AFL, an ambassador of fitness and special guest on 'Live on Bowen'.



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