Ariela Jacobs

Ariela Jacobs is a storyteller, whose songwriting has a way of tackling themes with the sort of intimacy you would expect from a much older soul. With haunting vocals, pure, yet powerful enough to leave any listener weak at the knees, Ariela weaves together an ethereal, dream-ridden web of folk/pop tapestries, narrative and melody.

If you think those soaring, falsetto vocals of Ariela’s sound oddly familiar, it’s very possible you’ve already heard them - Ariela recently stepped outside of her usual genre to lend her distinct voice to Los Angeles based producer Goldroom to sing topline vocals on his summer electro hit ‘Embrace’ which was co-written with George Maple.

Not one to limit herself to the here and now, Ariela acknowledges the fluidity of song writing, stating that her “music is always in the stages of development and there is always opportunity for growth and new ideas” Ariela's debut EP 'This' is due out soon.

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