Whilst studying classical singing at university Hayman decided to try out stand-up comedy.

Six months later she signed herself up for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s (MICF) RAW competition, the biggest open mic event in the country, where she managed to wriggle her way into the top 12.

In 2013 she was part of ‘The Comedy Zone’ at MICF, a show where five comedians are handpicked by the Comedy Festival from around the country to take to the stage in one super-charged line-up.

After taking over as head writer two thirds of the way through season 1 of Live on Bowen, Hayman was asked to return as a co-host the following season.

Hayman started taking acting a little more seriously as part of the short but not so sweet festival in late 2012 in the solo monologue short play ’50 Guns’. For her role she was awarded best actress in the festival and went through to be a part of ‘Short and Sweet’.

By day she entertains children as part of an educational theatre troupe traveling around Victoria.

Hayman loves acting, presenting, singing, voice acting and comedy.

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